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The DeLorean Owners Club is a small but friendly group of DeLorean owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. It was formed in 1996 by two DeLorean enthusiasts Simon Lees-Milne and Dave Howarth, with the aim to make the DeLorean an accessible car to own and use in the UK. Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength, giving owners the opportunity to meet up with each other, locate spare parts and assist with valuations for classic car insurance. We are not simply a group of enthusiasts, but a diverse group of volunteers and 'custodians' committed to preserving the history and heritage of DeLorean as part of the core of the DeLorean community keeping the cars and DeLorean name alive.



Joining is easy, and just a small annual contribution to keep the club a proper, active institution. As a member it doesn't matter whether you have a DeLorean or not. You are one of Team DeLorean, and our memberships and volunteers make us able to exhibit at places like the NEC; keep producing the quarterly DeLorean News magazine "the best club magazine in the UK" which all our members receive; and facilitating many more perks including discount show tickets and preferential insurance rates when you quote your membership of the accredited DeLorean Owners Club UK.


All are welcome to help and be a part of things. The committee is comprised of a diverse group of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The club is family and gender friendly, and committed to being welcoming and inclusive. The annual Big Summer Meet of DeLoreans changes location every year, to give members in all parts of the country a chance to reach it. We are always open to suggestions and delighted to be joined by more fans from around the world.


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