In this section you will find an introduction to various aspects of the DeLorean, including history, production and variations. Use the drop down menu to navigate.

Club history

Where we’ve been, where we’re going; the pitfalls, the perils, the purposes and the possibilities…perhaps even an answer to that universal question: why?

History of DMCL

A brief history of time. A short introduction to the DeLorean, the car, the company. Written by historian Chris Parnham, with pictures from our extensive archives.

RHD & Euro Spec

The cars that never left the UK, and the conversions that form the only right hand drive DeLoreans ever produced. Find out about them here, and why they are so important to our club members.

Gold DeLoreans

If stainless steel wasn’t enough, the ultimate flux dispersal device is gold plating (apparently). An introduction to one of the rarest DeLoreans in the world. (Don’t forget to drop by the shop and buy your own miniature version!)