For Hire

Hire a DeLorean

If you want a DeLorean for an event or occasion, you may go to those who hire for a commercial fee, or ask on the free DOC Forum stating your location in particular. You never know, you might be surprised to find an owner nearby who could help with your request!

View a DeLorean

As above, you can write to our committee or to make a wider-reaching request, join the free DOC Forum and state your wish. If you want to see a DeLorean, you can find out the next shows or meetings where DeLoreans may be present, or we may be able to find a DeLorean owner near to you who may be kind enough to give you a viewing! You can always see a DeLorean at shows where the club has a stand. Follow the club on Facebook for updates and DeLorean info.



Brian O’Neill

‘BTTF Brian’ is a DOC member, owning a BTTF replica and comes in character as Doc himself. Read his blog to see his car and past activities/events.


Chris Hawes

Location: Milton Keynes

A standard DeLorean available for commercial hire for all occasions.


Got to the free DOC Forum to ask about DeLorean hire/make related requests!

Our committee is also on hand to help. If you wish to advertise for-hire services, get in touch with the Club Secretary via the contacts page