DMC Houston and the physical DeLorean Legacy – XCAR

DMC Houston and the physical DeLorean Legacy – XCAR

The Legacy

This is the second video produced by XCAR films on the DeLorean DMC-12. It offers an insight into the car and DMC Houston, the guardians of the largest resource of parts and expertise, ensuring John DeLorean’s legacy continues for future generations.

When the factory closed in 1982 there were millions of parts left over, which Stephen Wynne acquired in 1997, and which now fill a 40,000 square foot building. DMC Houston focuses on the restoration of DeLoreans and keeping cars on the road. They can also assemble complete cars. There are around 2800 parts that make up a DeLorean. Some parts have been re-manufactured to the same or better specification as they have run out. This is even more possible with today’s use of CAD-CAM.

If it wasn’t for DMC Houston, who knows where the DeLorean legacy would be in terms of the physical existence of and support for the cars themselves!