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VIN #11747 For Sale
For Sale  #VIN 11747
Delorean DMC12
23,000 km. LHD. Black interior. January 1982. MOT until Feb 2019
I acquired the car in 1987 in Kuwait. It was imported into the UK in 1988 and then kept at Coventry Transport Museum from early 1990 until early 2018. In 2016 and 2017 it was extensively restored with many new parts including the following work:
  • Reinstatement of the indicator/wiper stalks on the steering column & steering column shroud. New indicator/wiper stalk.
  • Replacement of fuel pump
  • Replacement of O/SF side indicator lens. Replacement of N/S/R marker light on corner. Replacement of RH Door Marker Lights all including gaskets
  • Replacement of air filter housing
  • Replacement of brake pipes and reconditioning of brake master cylinder
  • Fixing of horn
  • Correction of engine spluttering. Repair of air intake housing
  • Repairs to seat
  • Replacement of perished hosing
  • Replacement of door and roof headlining
  • Cooling system completely dismantled for cleaning out of sludge and corrosion from pipes to radiator at front of vehicle.
  • Radiator flushed out and fans checked for function
  • Water pump removed and cleaned. Bearings and seal all in good condition. Refitted with new gasket.
  • Core plugs in cylinder heads replaced with new
  • Fuel system flushed, injectors cleaned and refitted
  • Fuel injection system & metering unit removed, cleaned & checked for correct function.
  • Replacement speedo cable
  • All 4 brake callipers dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled with new seal kits One new piston fitted. Handbrake callipers self adjust mechanisms dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled to overcome seizure.
  • New brake pads and fitting kits installed all round
  • New spark plugs
  • Asbestos heat shield treated
  • Replacement passenger door gas strut
  • Replacement louvre gas struts
  • New battery
For purposes of keeping the vehicle’s heritage all old parts have been retained.
The vehicle comes with original owners manual, pre-delivery inspection sheet, New Vehicle Warranty card, 1981 Vehicles Maintenance Schedule/Record in original vinyl wallet, photocopy of complete workshop manual.
Vehicle is now  MOT'd and UK registered.
Contact: secretary (at)
Pictures available, some are on the web page:
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.

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