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delorean battery
TheOriginalMrP Wrote:Martin, do you mean like this?

[Image: 0a09_1.JPG]

Basically, yep. Mine look slighty different, but functionally identical.

The footprint of an 065 battery fits the D battery tray perfectly and has plenty of juice to crank a PRV. It's the standard battery in French diesels (eg my 99 Xantia HDi), and standard fitment in a GTA too.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Ben. If you're ever passing through Cheltenham, go to Grove's ust near the Lansdown pub. I bought a Freedom battery of them with the side posts. They are the one that GM use. They last for years apparently. £60.
Dan. The tree man
Not here for a long time. Just here for a good time
Live up to all you know. Nothing more. Nothing less
DOC 219
vin. 4986
What is the model number of this battery then? It should be available in other shops or online?
VIN: 6511
Cheers Dan. I've already ordered one now, and it cost about £80 including VAT and next day delivery. It's also guaranteed for 3 years. I'll let you know if it's a good fit with minimal hassle. Fair play to these people, they are open 7 days a week 8am till 10pm, and i tried calling them earlier, but failed to get through. They then called me back after I had placed the order online. The guy I spoke said that it's only the dimensions that posed a problem, but Martin (Stunned Monkey) said that was the one to go for, and I trust his word.
Not saying I don't trust what anybody else tells me, but I really don't like having to make modifications for a simple thing like a battery.... ... P3141.html

Let us know how you get on with this battery ben. I might change mine soonish as if I leave it for even 5 days, it struggles when starting, and the musical horn makes the radio cut out until its been run for 10 mins :wink:
VIN: 6511
Will do Dan, I'll probably be fitting it next weekend though, if you can wait that long! I'm sure it will be fine, it's got good reviews if you read the advert. Only thing now, is if it fits, but it's hardly a tractor battery judging by the dimensions..... LOL
The one in mine has the adapter leads on it and is a bit small for it because the strap doesn't clamp it down very tightly. So if this one fits better then I'll have to order myself one Smile
VIN: 6511
I did a few miles in a car once plagued with a "bonk" sound from the right rear suspension... it took me ages to realise the battery was too small and was sliding forward and backward an inch or two every time I braked/accellerated...

Oh, and you get a prize if you can work ot how the battery strap is supposed to work without looking it up Smile
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Thats funny Martin, because when I fitted my subwoofer last January, I undid the strap, and it never went back the same way afterwards..... If you are good at working out the impossible, maybe you could forward the solution to doing it up the way it should be! :wink:

up, under, through, lift, tuck, fold stretch, etc etc etc


NickT Wrote:Depends how much you want to spend !

I bought a the one from Halfords as I have a trade card with them and the Calcium range are guaranteed for 4 years.

The 094 refers to the physical size of the battery, not the Amp Hour rating of it.


I meant an 096 not an 094. My mistake Shock

TheOriginalMrP Wrote:Thats funny Martin, because when I fitted my subwoofer last January, I undid the strap, and it never went back the same way afterwards..... If you are good at working out the impossible, maybe you could forward the solution to doing it up the way it should be! :wink:

I never worked it out myself, that's for sure Smile
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Well I fitted my new battery today which came from these people...... ... P3141.html

A few points to note.......

Martin was correct about the bigger size listed on this website, it wouldn't have fit.

The one I have bought is slightly smaller than the one that came out from there, and less capacity, but there's not much in it.

The instructions for tightening the battery strap were spot on, my battery isn't moving anywhere now! Smile

Don't cross thread the brass side post screw, a lesson well learnt there.

It looks like the battery that came off is a direct footprint of an 065 battery. If I needed to chop the terminals off the cables, and fitted round post clamps, I would have gone for one of those.

Old Battery, and it's a beast...... Good choice there Chris!
[Image: 6107994.jpg]
Old Battery Label..... For technical specification, and future cross reference....
[Image: 6107992.jpg]
Old battery still fitted in compartment.... Notice the snug fit on the bottom....
[Image: 6107941.jpg]
This is the new battery, it's about 10mm shorter in length than the other.... PS, it does look a lot smaller in this picture, but it's not...
[Image: 6107940.jpg]
And finally, the fitted battery, complete with perfect clamping strap.....
[Image: 6107944.jpg]

I did cross thread one of the brass terminal screws, and had to find and cut a bolt to fit afterwards, as it kept slipping out.

This new battery has a 3 year warranty, and it was £85 delivered to my door in 2 days.

But in 3 years time, if it's getting tired, I think I will replace it with the exact one that I took off, if I can get one. We'll see how it goes. This was put on in 2004, so it's had pretty good innings.

Needless to say, it started fine in the garage this morning on the old battery, I may just give it a charge, and keep it as a spare!

I'm happy with what I got for the money, and hopefully it will see me through a good few years.

If you don't mind cutting the terminals off, and fitting round post clamps, go with an 065. If you want to go 1 better, and you want to put some wood in the base to level the floor, go with NickT's choice of an 096 from Halfords, preferably a calcium. That's a monster!

Cheers all

My cars got adapter leads to convert it to the normal connectors, so I can use either. My strap is done right up and it still loose on my current battery! Cheers for posting this up Ben.
VIN: 6511
I bought a Halfords Calcium Battery today that had a starting power output of 540Amps, is this good enough?

My last Battery did not have any markings on it to tell me what power it had and I based by purchase on you guys talking about the 075 range at Halfords, I also noticed you talking about 600-650Amp versions, but I did not see anything that was the right size.

I cant even attempt to start the car as my garage is attached to the house and I dont want to wake any babies!!

Just want to make sure it will do the job, because if its sh1t then I will take it back and get another one.
Alistair McCann
Northern Ireland
1981 Delorean #Vin Pilot 25
1989 Renault Alpine GTA Atmo.
Hi Alistair.

The battery I took off the car was 770 CCA (See above picture for direct A/C Delco replacement part number)

The new one I bought is 550 CCA

A fair difference one may say, but the battery isn't a perfect fit in the tray, where an 065 round posted battery would be. If you've already got round posted terminals on your leads, then either go for NickT's choice, with a bit of wood underneath. Failing that, go for the most powerful 065 they have, ideally 65AH Minimum, and 550 CCA Minimum. The higher the number the better, though I don't know how a standard alternator would fair with a higher capacity.


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