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Advice please regarding Panel Fit & Gaps.
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've not got back and updated everyone on this thread.

Claire, the car was located in central Florida and I'm just a few miles outside Swanley in Kent. Many thanks to Darren for the offer of checking the VIN on Grady's books and for the valuation, this really helped and put my conscience at ease.

In the end I offered $15,500 for the car, for which he didn't accept. Unfortunately (for me) he had a higher offer a couple of days later and it now appears sold. The guy selling had the decency to email me and promised to get back if things fall through - this was last Friday and I've not heard since.

I'm sure something will come up.. I'm after an automatic and of course price is the major factor. I was budgeting for $15 on a car + the associated cost of getting it to the UK.

Once again thank you all for your input.

DOC 379

ps - Incidentally, Claire you gave me a shed load of advice a few years back on the old Yahoo format which I greatly appreciated
lol, I've slept since then mate!! :lol:

good luck in your search for a car, dunno if Dean Mitchell's auto with LPG conversion is still for sale or not - and thats had a shed load of money spent on it.
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