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OEM Look Gauges for Turbo Project (SPA Gauges (Brand New))
The Legacy2 project has now been SOLD and going into a different type of car (interior style and colour scheme is different), which means these gauges remain available and are best suited for a DeLorean project or similar white on black gauge layout.

[Image: 5rwoH6JHhPpGDHjaB36ZTBceln4Zoj_LrCWfLdaR...34lfO=w800]

£135 each or £260 for the pair including free shipping within the UK

More images:

Brand new oil pressure and turbo boost gauges which have an anti-glare coating.  SPA installed a white LED backlight in each when ordered to match the DeLorean; as the off the shelf models at the time only came with blue or red LED back lights.  The extra photos within the ‘more images’ link above show the optimal position within a DeLorean to not obscure view (the next phase would have been to make a fibreglass pod to mimic the larger dashboard binnacle) or you could mount them Legend Industries style above the air vents on the centre console. 

Other Information

Please note: I’ve also advertised these elsewhere

For any queries please email me in the first instance:

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed

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