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Proactive Replacement Parts Thread 1
Apologies in advance as I fear (hope) this question may start a cascade of replies on different topics, but as one of the founder members of the non-mechanically minded owners I'm genuinely interested.....

My car will celebrate it's 35th birthday next month, the question on the table is what should I be thinking about replacing to protect my life savings?

As quick/simple examples of my worries/thoughts please:

1. Lower front ball joints... I've learned the very expensive/hard way these should be replaced. Is there a similar item on the rear that should be investigated? Early in my ownership I had "Toby Tabs" fitted, but do these have a life expectancy for example?

2. Tyres. (sorry again for this one)... I recall long newsgroup chains about the merits of not running on "old" rubber when I bought the car. And that all made sense, and I changed the tyres (original NCTs no signs of wear for sale if wanted), but again that was 13 years ago... thoughts on lifespan of Pirelli P900/P9000 combos?

I don't 'think' there is anything at the rear to replace other than the 'tabs' that you have had done and as I understand it the Toby Tabs are still regarded as the best.
As you say you have found out the hard way about the front ball joints and you have replaced your LCA with new ones as well (very expensive ones I may add)!!
Possibly I would suggest looking at tyres again but if you feel they are OK, plenty of cars are running around on older. Nothing else springs to mind really, perhaps you may wish to have the chassis box sections sprayed with a antirust stuff? waxoyl or similar?
You can replace loads of bits but is it worth it if the original bits work fine? and some of the newer stuff is not that good anyway. Have you done the water expansion bottle? Fuel lines are in my opinion a good thing to change as well but non look OE
Plus 'normal' stuff like changing fluids every few years: anti-freeze/brake fluid etc helps prevent problems 'down the line'
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As someone who went into his VOD last year, with an expectation of not finding much to worry about, but actually being faced with block rot issues, I feel I probably saved the engine by finding it when I did. Another couple of years and I may not have been so lucky. So I for one would recommend getting down there and open it all up and inspect it thoroughly, get it cleaned out, and protect it for a healthier future. Sooner rather than later. Your engine might be ok, or there could be a real potential issue festering away down there which you're blissfully unaware of....
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Good point Chris, though I would suggest that only people with experience venture down into the valley, far to easy to get carried away and damage the block by trying to clean the deep holes out.
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2018's DeLorean event:
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