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alarm systems
Hi all.

Well, as you probably know me by now, I work for the AA. I can now get "for all delorean members" a better deal than last year for new membership, or renewals at the show. Plus I have now got contacts at Toad,Clifford,Meta,Trackstar,&Road for all your alarms needs. If any of you want one, or want to fit there own, I can get them at a good price. Better than shop prices! So, if anyone would like any, let me know.

Big Grin ( hint hint dan might need one ) Big Grin
No mate I dont !!!

My whole alarm system is now sitting quite nicley in the bin thanks after cutting the b*stard out Big Grin


A little question : In your brand list, which one is the best ?
I was told that Clifford G5 was really good but is it true ?
DeLoreany yours,

all cliffords are good really the g5 is a good system but has many input and outputs for the extra add ons were the new cliffird comes with all the add ons with it Big Grin
The best alarm system is one you fit yourself so when it goes wrong, you know how to fix it! That said, I'm pretty sure RottBott's cheap and cheerful chinese effort is still working :-)
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
...with its disco lights...
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
well said martin

its good if you fit it your self but then again you cant give your self a paper work to prove you got a insurance alarm on it they mgiht ask q then

thanks for the parts martin

need a letter l not a R
How about a certificate showing a batchelor's degree in electronic engineering? :-P :lol: I'm happy to fit them, just not to supply them!

I told Dan that was an R.....
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Singaporean! It works beautifully, and it's also handy for finding the car in supermarket car parks at night. I think it took Martin about an hour to install, and my insurance company were fine with it, I just sent them a bit of paper saying it was fitted at DMUK.
Rob Williams
DOC 475
VIN 17152

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