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re building your switches
hi all

well after a long night trying to find out why all one side of the car was blowing fuses ( about 145 of them and then a melted one ) we came to the problem that were was a few wire melted in the front bumper so i repared them and put a fuse in and it worked Big Grin Big Grin but rich h put me in the right place to look after hours of showing him the fault alung with danny boy and philly boy yesterday afternoon doing extra bits to my car Sad makeing a plonka at a gig last night ( sorryclaire phill & mad dan )

anyway at the end of it rich h ( Rich ) is the man to repair all light swtiches for main beam and side lights by taking you hazard lights to bits loads of time a luck and then it all works


and after all that herman went to derby today again and got me home

Big Grin

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