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Automatic Transmission Filters ++ Prices and pre order info
Hello all! After 9 months of emails, phone calls, and prototypes, we are finally ready to start taking pre orders for the new auto trans filters. I think we are about 3 weeks away from shipping but the manufacturer said it might take longer (1 or 2 weeks). I want to start pre orders for you guys in the UK for two reasons. First, it would help ease the initial rush or orders when they do arrive so I would have plenty of time to print postage and address labels. Then when the filters arrive, all I would have to do is slip them in the pre addressed and stamped envelopes of those who pre paid.

Second, since shipping is $11.00 for one filter, you may want to elect one proxy member to accept all filters then distribute them personally or by local mail. This would be something you could all work out but I would do what I can from here. It would be much cheaper to box 25 or 50 filters up to one address than 1 or 2 at a time to all parts.

So after much calculation of cost including prices of mailers, shipping costs, gaskets, magnets, payment fees, etc. I have set prices accordingly:

Filters are $46.00 each. Each filter will include one free cork mounting gasket...this is a DMC original part that I ordered so you the customer will not have to order this cheap gasket and pay shipping+handling for a $1.00 part.


If you need a magnet, please include $1.00 for each magnet desired. These magnets are a close to the OE size that I could find. You can see that they are the same size, but the new magnet is a bit thinner. However the new magnet is N35 neodymium which is about 4 times stronger than the ferrite stock magnets. You only need one for the factory configuration but I left my OE magnet on the filter and put a N35 magnet in the pan itself. Judging on how much metal the magnet catches, I think having one in the pan corner is good placement.


You can send payment to my paypal address:

If you like, you can leave a note detailing what quantities you would like but it's not necessary. I can see the total sent and figure out what you want. Please make sure your PayPal mailing address is correct. Also if you want to order several filters or have any questions on shipping to other countries please email me or PM me with your shipping address and I can give you a quote.

PS: For the pan gasket itself, you can use gasket maker "Right Stuff" RTV silicone. (This is what the DMC franchises do), or obtain one from DPI

Again thanks to everyone who helped with this project with a special mention to Chad Krause (Dracula) and to Dave Swingle for his input and advice as well as everyone who contacted me personally expressing interest or just to say thanks.
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FILTERS HERE Very Limited Supply Buy below or PM for more info
I meant to add something but missed my editing window.

Shipping to the UK is $11.00 for one filter (magnet...if desired, will not change shipping charges) if you would like more than one, please contact me for a shipping quote. I have to do it this way since my mailers will hold one, maybe 2 filters. More than that requires a box which changes things.

If you live in another region or country, please contact me with your shippingaddress and number desired for a quote.
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FILTERS HERE Very Limited Supply Buy below or PM for more info
That's great news, though I don't need one myself (5 speed) I'm sure lots of people will (and should) take up your offer whilst they are available. I'm happy to be the point for distribution of them in the UK if that helps UK owners. Especially as I could hold on to a lot of them and distribute them without shipping costs at our main event in August. Likewise to pass over to Alistair for distribution as well. Just need to get everyone to be happy with that.
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Put me down for one please Chris…complete with magnet.
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Chris, just saw your post and I just got through PM ing you. That's a very generous gesture and I would feel comfortable shipping them to you for personal distribution at your event. Maybe later tonight I can start a thread and work out the logistics on payment options and orders. I suppose I could estimate an amount (say 25-40 filters) and figure out shipping for that weight to Chris, then adjust shipping per filter. It would probably come out to around 2 or 3 dollars per piece? I will work on that tonight as well.
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FILTERS HERE Very Limited Supply Buy below or PM for more info
Only problem I have thought is that sending bulk they will 'probably' get caught for import duty so would then put the price up. Will carry on this conversation via 'PM' at the end of the day it depends on demand!
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.

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