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TRAQUAIR FAIR 2015 Weekend 1st/2nd August
Whilst proudly representing the DoC with other Scottish members at Thirlstane Castle, I was approached by an organizer for the Traquair Fair 2015. This years theme is "Americana" and despite contention over whether our cars are Irish/British or American, they'd like to get a couple of DeLoreans for the event. They've already booked Robert Gallo in directly, but apparently were not made aware that there is more than one DeLorean in Scotland. Since finding out they might be able to get an assortment of Gull-wing beauties, they are happy to make space for an additional two DeLoreans if possible.

I wanted to make sure everyone up North has a fair chance at attending due to the limited space, but if both slots don't get filled by other members then I'll book myself in to one of the slots. Though I'm keenly aware that mechanical issues disrupted the plans for some folks at Thirlstane, so I want to be sure that other owners get a chance to put their car in the spotlight!

If you'd like to attend feel free to either contact Catherine directly at, or contact myself to coordinate it as a group Smile
VIN 4494, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 757

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