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Thirlstane Castle (Near Lauder) Classic Car Show 7 June '15
Hey folks,

Just to spread the word around to all who may be interested, I've managed to drum up a bit of interest in the DOCUK attending the classic car show at Thirlstane Castle, near Lauder, which is in the Scottish borders area.

The show takes place on Sunday June 7th.

Here is a link to the organisers website:

So far, we have 4 members of the DOCUK club registered to attend this, so we will be attending as a proper club stand with flyers and flags etc. So we'll be proud to be representing the club in an organised and official looking manner (I hope :lolSmile

This is the first officially organised gathering of the Scottish element of the DOCUK to my knowledge.

There's also a promise of a prestigious attendance of a DeLorean time machine on the day too! (5 DeLoreans all at the same event on the same Scotland! I think that's an excellent excuse for a proud round of applause in anyone's books I think! 8) )

So, can we have any advance on 5 D's? It would be good if we could get some more interest from any other Scottish owners, or of course, if anyone further south wants an excuse to come up to the borders for a bit of a road trip. What better excuse. :wink:

If you ARE interested, then I'd ask, instead of registering individually at the link above, could you to please instead let me know here, or by PM (if you wish to remain cloak and dagger) and I will have you details added to the existing club stand list. I just need your name and vehicle registration number.

Depending on where you are coming from, I will either give you your admission pass on the day if you are meeting the rest of us for a bit of a convoy to the event (starting at a still to be arranged meeting place near Edinburgh) or alternatively, I will have your pass sent out to you by post in advance. (in which case, I'll need your address too)

The organisers sound quite excited to be having a flurry of D's attend their show this year, so they've promised us a prime spot in order for us to show off our stainless steel beauty's with some style! Woop-woop!

Now the important note! I have to have your details in time for submitting them BEFORE the deadline of 19th April. So don't doddle, put your best foot forward and join us for what i'm sure will be a fun "red lettered date" in the history of Scottish group gatherings for the DeLorean Owners Club UK! Mr Green
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Great to hear there will be a display of Deloreans!

We have booked our car in to do the Sporting Bears Dream Rides at the front of the castle... hopefully the huge interest generated by the Club stand will greatly increase our popularity, and mean more money for the charity. Think I'll need to bring some extra fuel along with me...

See you all there hopefully!
Med Venlig Hilsen
Well, not long to go and can't wait.

Just hope the weather holds out for us all Smile

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