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rear trailing arm bolts, upgrades?
So just stripping down the rear end and i have the known problem of bent trailing arm bolt. I see there are some toby tabs that are talked about, i just wondered what people over here the UK opt for?
Toby Tab's are NLA, they do come up for sale rarely but are big bucks.

However Dave at DMC Midwest has had a new batch of Inconel TAB's made up (the super alloy the Toby TABs were made out of) - see this thread on dmctalk: ... MC-Midwest

Myself, and a couple of other owners grouped up to buy some sets a few months back, at the time they were $139.95 per pair plus shipping. They are an expensive item when you think it's just two bolts, but personally I believe it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

However there are other/cheaper alternatives out there:

DMCEU have some. which can be purchased either via Ed here at €33.33 plus shipping: ... i8qttfg3g7
Or via the UK Eurotec forum here at £29 for the pair plus shipping: ... php?t=2486

Alternatively Martin G has also had some TABs made up, they can be purchased here at £29 including shipping:
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