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Glove box latching
Hi there

I seem to be missing a section of my glove box!
It's not the latch or even the little torsion bar but something for the latch to catch into -I just have a big hole there at present!
Does anyone know what I should be looking for or event better has one lying around I could buy?
Vin: 4468
DOC No: 758
You need these parts: 108557 (20) and 108558 (21)
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Thanks for the heads up Rissy

Having a rummage through the spares left with the car I believe I may already have them, just didn't realise what they were for!
Vin: 4468
DOC No: 758
So thought I would tackle this 'simple' job today and get the latch working but after 2 hours of playing I cant get the two parts of the latch to marry up!
I have the two parts of the bottom latch 108557 (20) and 108558 (21) from the diagram above and I assume I have assembled them together correctly. Now looking at the diagram above they appear to mount onto the two holes shown in the middle of my photo but in front or behind? (the expload-a-view diagram is not very clear)
I have tried both ways and had no joy. Can someone take a pic of there's so I can see where I am going wrong?
Vin: 4468
DOC No: 758
Not sure if it's of much help but hear you go:
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