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General Enquiry
I was having a discussion with a friend about the benefits of the gull wing door on the De and he said yes he could see these until you flip the car over. I said that I had heard rumours that John Z had made the car have a kickable out Winscreen in case something like this had ever happened. Is this true or did I dream this. I don't like giving false information if I can help it. So can anyone on hear please shed some light on this thing that is slightly bugging me. Thanks Big Grin
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I think that was supposed to be the designed plan. However. Good luck doing that with the old fashioned windscreen bond they used back then. You might have better luck nowadays if you've had your windscreen replaced and bonded with a modern bond...if you're a contortionist. :wink:
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I think that's why most of us carry a glass hammer! though I'm not sure (other than crash tests) anyone has actually put one on it's roof!
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