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New S/S Exhaust fouling alternator.
I'm having my new 'Nottingham sourced' stainless exhaust fitted and my friendly mechanic has informed me that it fits, however, it fouls the alternator and some wiring needs to be altered. I read once about this happening to someone else, but can't find the thread/post. Any solutions?? He will figure it out, but I want the car back soon thought I'd see if I could help.


This suggests you don't have an original or common aftermarket alternator around which the exhaust was designed.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Cheers martin, will check it out, haven't been to the garage yet. I don't suppose you remember fitting an alternator on 4772 do you, or know of a fix??
*facepalm* sorry Johnny, I should have twigged who it was!!!

I don't remember what the status of your alternator was but it would either be orignal or one of my Valeo units. The SS exhaust should fit round it just fine - would be interested to see some photos?

At least your man whon't have trouble with snapping studs... can I buy your cat bypass pipe back off you? Mr Green
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
From memory when I did mine I had to wrap the alternator cables (and IIRC the starter cables for good mesure) in a heat protection cover that slipped over the wires and then cable tied them out of place.
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Cheers guys,
I will pop in and see how things are going at the garage. The chap loves the cars, and is usually very busy, but always seems to come up with a fix, however, I will let him know.
Martin, one of the other Edinburgh DeLorean owners, James mentioned he might be interested in the DeCat too so will keep you posted. Smile
FYI Hunting all sorted on the car and had a full regrain by Chris and headlining and leather seat covers at PJ Grady. Will get some pics to you when I get it back! Kept old seat covers! Still enjoying the car bar 'salt on the road time'.


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