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Center Console Switch Aperture
I was wondering if somebody could kindly measure the size of the console switch aperture for me? I can't get over to where I store the car for a couple of weeks but want to start on an idea for improving my centre console.

Just the measurements of the rectangle the switches pop into would be great, but even better if you can get the width of a switch and the clearance between the console and the tub (I know it varies between cars, but it gives me a rough idea).

VIN 4494, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 757
I'm guessing you no longer need these measurements but would be interested as to what you did.
To help fit my fog-light switch in I needed to raise the center section a bit. I used some closed-cell packing foam I had from a halloween costume to proper it up underneath. It's still not great though, so I intend to turn my lambda light into the rear fog tell-tale light and just put in a OEM On/Off switch in the centre console.

I was able to nab a spare warning light cluster for $5 so that if I ever want to go restore to stock I can Smile
VIN 4494, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 757

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