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Rear Fascia Adjustment query
Looking from the rear of the car, I have a sizable gap between the bottom left of the rear fascia and the RL Quarter panel. Taking a look underneath, the bolt that attaches the fascia to the frame is not secured at all. There isn't enough "give" in the fascia to get the bolt in place and replace the missing washer/nut, so I'm looking at taking off the rear fascia and re-seating it.

I was following the instructions in the technical manual to do this and got to the point of taking out the tail-light lenses, and after removing the screws mine appear to be stuck in place pretty damn solid. Looks like there is some form of rubber gasket around the other edge of the lens assembly where it touches against the fascia, and when I try to ease out the tail-light lenses the entire fascia begins to pull with it.

My question is; Is this normal? Do I just need to apply more force? I don't want to yank it out and damage the rear fascia, but with how it's pulling at the moment it looks like it's jammed in there tight.
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Quote:My question is; Is this normal?
No! unless someone has glued it on, perhaps the riv-nuts failed and someone has perhaps used Tiger-seal or something similar to stick them in. Can you get the number plate surround off to have a look?
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That's exactly what I was afraid of Sad

Will take the number-plate bezel off tonight and get a better look, see if I can work out what the previous owner has done...

Cheers Chris!
VIN 4494, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 757
The lenses did have a gasket fitted to them originally; part number 101489. I wonder if they have just gone 'gooey' with age?
Phil Peters
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