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Seal Fixing
Anyone know which type of adhesive would be best to re-fix the rubber seal which goes around on the interior side of the hood?

Vin No :- 6042
DOC:- 466
Evo Stick
Thanks Dan,

Tried it at the weekend, after taking the majority of the old stuff off the hood and the rubber. Its trying to stick, but still coming away. I will retry after i have both surfaces totally clean.

Vin No :- 6042
DOC:- 466
If I remember rightly about Evo-stick you have to not only ensure the surfaces are clean but also that you wait around 15 minutes from applying the glue to both sufaces to actually fusing them together.

I used this stuff for the carpet on the hood that covers where the fuel door should be and also on part of the seal that runs around the hood. I did this years ago and it still looks great.

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Ex owner of VIN 5255 Grey, 5-speed
The glue you need is called Seriously sticky stuff by Evo stik. Comes in a black tube. Any DIY store will do it. Just aply and use a couple of pegs to hold it. Go in and watch Top gear or Scrap heap challenge and when thats over your glue will be done. You can buy it in small tubes or big silicon gun type tubes. I stuck my window back in with it. Glass to stainless not bad eh. I don't know what the solvent for it is though so be careful with it. Basically it sticks like 541t to a blanket. I use nothing else now after haveing searched for years trying to find the ultimate glue.
Dan. The tree man
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DOC 219
vin. 4986
Yeah you have to leave it for 15 minutes and do a small run at a time, no longer than 15 cm.

Forget trim tapes there just no strong enough

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