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Front Spoiler Refinish
I only ever painted the polyurethane parts - spoiler bumpers and front grill (You'll find the glue line where I stuck it back together after hitting a deer too). Had them done "professionally" the last time though the red primer would be Halfords' finest.

The side vents, wing mirrors and any exposed areas of the underbody can be made to look fantastic with a quick lick of Simoniz satin black acrylic paint.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
During the weekend, I finished refurbishing the front grill, and the "DMC" badge. (over 6 days of working!) Both have come up really well. If anyone is interested, i'll put pics up. I'm now thinking the grill is not the same material as the front spoiler. It was REALLY hard to work on this with all the paint on it, and it refused to sand as easily as the spoiler (not just as a result of the awkward shaping of the thing with all the "slats" needing sanding in between etc!) It's almost as if it's more sort of plastic, although it does have the same sort of minor flexing capability as the spoiler, although more rigged due to the size obviously.

Anyway, it's done now, and looks the business. Hopefully it'll stand the test of time. Actually, the badge was a lot harder than you would consider too. It was difficult to get all the old paint off that in the first place, but even harder to get the new stuff off the Lettering ONLY, without scuffing or scraping the surrounding material at the same time, even though the letters have a raised profile. Sounds weird, I know, but it took me 3 attempts to get it right, each time with having to get all the paint off it again, and start from the beginning again! phew! The letters are not actually raised (at least on mine) in a uniform fashion, even with LOTS of sanding of them, so this is what gave the difficulty. The final and most successful attempt. The one I stuck with, took me over 90 mins to sand down the letters ONLY!!!! It too looks the business though. Very pleased. Now if only they weren't completely surrounded by old shabby looking bumpers! lol! NEXT!
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Quote:Now if only they weren't completely surrounded by old shabby looking bumpers! lol! NEXT!

If you thought that lot was hard, wait till you do the bumpers :lol:
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