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Non functional Electric Mirrors....
Hi all. The electric mirrors on BLM2Y did work until about a month ago, then stopped with no apparent reason. I've checked the fuse. Does anyone know a weak link in this department?? New switch maybe? There is nothing happening on either side... completely dead...
Cheers all
Mr. P
Switch Smile Other than the fuse, it's the only single point of failure, unless it's the connection in the roof.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
thanks martin.... i'll do some research on the weekend..... Smile
the other thing to do is push the slider to either the left or right and then push it an extra millimetre in the same direction whilst moving the joystick at the same time. This is what has happened to my switch.

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed
have a look under the driver side were the wire loom goes into the bonnet see if there no ware or on the front were the dmc logo is there the loom which feeds all the lights mine went there so i made a new loom this kept on makeing the side lights pop and the indercators thanks to Rich going through it with me to check the back unplug the big conecotor that rung to the box on the passanger side to see if it still blows the fuse ??
On my car the back of the switch partly fell off causing only one mirror to act as if it was working. A bit of carefull 'jiggling' got the switch back together again>
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On my car....

... neither mirror worked. When I pulled the switch, one of the wires underneath didn't look like it had been connected (ever). I connected up and both mirrors now work fine.

Barzo :lol:
- Dave Smith

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i had a Rich switch too it must be a common thing.

Next question... is the switch accessible without taking the door panel off? I tried to remove the door handle surround which was quite easy, but on closer inspection, it seemed to be quite well "in" there. Brute force isnt always the answer, and as i'm not the most patient person in the world, I decided to live without them being electric for a while, and wait until i've got a few cures.... Cheers for all the feedback guys, you really are all brill. Ben
I ordered a new switch without taking the old one out, and when it came and i did take it out, a bloody spade connector had come off!! LOL. Anyone want a mirror switch?? They work fine now, except the left-right action on the drivers side, which may be something to do with that rodent ChrisS was on about!!! Cheers all!!!

Mr P
Yes I could do with one as mine is a bit intermittent !

Well it is the old one Nick, as seeing as I'd bought a new one, I thought I'd just as well fit it...... You are more than welcome to have this old one, although ChrisS did tell me that it had been repaired once or twice, but it was working fine when I plugged the spade back on. If you PM me your home address, I'll post it to you early part of next week after i've got some padded envelopes.... I dont want anything for it mate, I'm sure you'll return the favour one day!

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