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Taking Righty out for her first show at Deans Castle in Kilmarnock this coming Sunday if anyone is in the area would be nice to see any Delorean fans, starts at 11am free to get in useually 100 or so various classics to admire and the Castle grounds are excellent for the kids and short walks with the dog, just hope the weather improves as it feels like we are back to winter today, hopefully see you there.
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There is also a car show just up the road from you / down the road from "me" in Biggar. Funnily enough called "The Biggar Car Show" or something. I was nearly in a position to take LEX to this last year, but dates misaligned by a day or so with my busy working schedule last year, so couldn't go. I'll have LEX down in Rugby by the time its on this year (i think end of June, or some time in July). You should check out that event too, as I know they'd love to have a D' there. I got personal invitation by a guy last year when he saw me with LEX outside Halfrauds at Straiton junction ( ... m&t=h&z=18 ). As I say though, I couldn't make it.

I'll be driving from Edinburgh to Rugby on Monday 21st May in LEX along the Lang whang route, most probably, which means if I do go this route, I cross the below mentioned bridge at the junction to Ayr if you're anywhere near by to there, could stop and say Hi or something (I know its a long shot, but thought it worth mentioning) ... m&t=h&z=17
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Hi Rissy, thanks for the reply I will check that out but the only Biggar show I could find in the yearbook was 12th August the Albion foundation show on the 12th.
It would have been nice to catch up with you we could have had the largest Scottish gathering of Delorean's? but summer is manic for me which means the only two shows I can go to are the Kilmarnock one this Sunday and fortunately the Ayr show on the 22nd July, my work involves almost every weekend which is a pain but in this day and age no choice I'm afraid, would have been nice to meet on the 21st but I have to go to Perth.

I get the Scottish vintage vehicle yearbook and it lists all the main shows in Scotland, in Edinburgh you can get it from Pilrig motors 328 Leith Walk or McDonald mini's in Musselburgh if thats any help, thanks again Stephen.
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