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Engine cover clearance issue...
Hi Guys,

Quick question as I'm sure someone on here will be able to help. When I try to release the engine-cover it's catching on the rear-fascia and won't pop properly requiring two people to open it, one to give the little latch a pull while the other pulls on the release handle. Any ideas as to how I can solve this issue? I've already been inside the car and adjusted the hinges so they are as far back as possible to give maximum clearance but it looks as though it could do with a few more millimetres before it's ready to release.

I'm sure it never used to do this but i believe the lock was adjusted at some point to allow for a more natural seated position on the louvre as it used to rub the fascia slightly. I have replaced the corner-bungs so there is a slight amount of tension in them when closed so that it's forced to pop upon release however I would quite like it to be as intended if there ever was such a thing! Thanks in advance!
hopefully RichH will be able to help you here, he seems to be the master of 'lining
up things on DeLorean's' so to speak.

I have a similar problem with my car to you, so my engine cover and also my louvres
will probably need adjusting to make sure everything seats correctly and neatly.

Nice looking De you have there btw, have you had the car long?

Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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Hi there!

Thanks for your reply, I'll pick his brains! I've had the car for about 4 years now, looks a hell of a lot nicer currently than in does in the avatar, think that was the day I bought it! I'll post a couple of photos once I work out how to! Big Grin

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