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Roof construction
Hi all
Ok on this delorean im about to buy, the outer roof skin (the stainless part) has cone away from the structure underneath, the part between the door-tops.

What is the structure under there? whats is made from? and how is the skin attached to it??

Thanks in advance
The structure under there is part of the fiberglass tub. The 'T' shaped upper SS panel (aka "the T panel") is attached with doublesided foam. The T panel first slots in under the black part at the top of the windscreen, and there are some screws at the rear.

under the T panel there is a "box" containing the electrical connections for the door wiring
vin 2743
Additionally, that top-hat-section 'box' you refer to is just black-painted mild steel and can occasionally rust... But shouldn't be too hard to fabricate a new one if you need to... You can see the 'lip' edge of it behind/ underneath the door-lift torsion bars - temporarily removing the door top weather seals improves access...
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Occasionally rusts lol, mine was a colander!

Chris N replaced mine with the excellent stainless unit from Ed DMC Europe, not a job for the faint hearted and sadly not cheap.
VIN 17152 - The Manx 'D'
thanks for the advice!

Unfortunately i didnt buy the car in ther end, the seller pulled out for some reason...

Instead i bought a car wil the same chassis.. an '83 lotus esprit :-D

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