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Stainless steel parts full refurbishing
I bought my car in really bad shape, scratched, dents everywhere.
So I started to renovate and repair the stainless steel panels.
This is how I got the car.
[Image: DSC_0744.JPG]
[Image: DSC_0749.JPG]
[Image: DSC_0766.JPG]
Project 701 restoration
After we removed the panels, we cleaned them and removed the dents.
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126294.JPG]
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126295.JPG]
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126296.JPG]
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126300.JPG]
Everywhere scratched, brushed, horrible work done before to remove the paint.
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126302.JPG]
Clean door
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126304.JPG]
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126307.JPG]
[Image: Resize%20of%20PB126308.JPG]
This is how it looked before
[Image: DSC_0055.JPG]
Project 701 restoration
After cleaning and repairing we started to polish/regraining the parts.
[Image: DSC_0749.JPG]
[Image: P1106426_resize.JPG]
Horrible work done again by previous owner..
[Image: P1106427_resize.JPG]
[Image: P1106436_resize.JPG]
Half done
[Image: P1106431_resize.JPG]
[Image: P1106437_resize.JPG]
[Image: P1106439_resize.JPG]
Project 701 restoration
wow, that is fantastic work, you are doing a great job on that car.

Cant wait to see it all finished, its gonna be amazing when done. 8)
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Great work sir, if you fancy coming to Belfast to work on a few cars let me know Big Grin
Vin #4087
dmc4087 Wrote:Great work sir, if you fancy coming to Belfast to work on a few cars let me know Big Grin
We have the technology and the knowledge, so we can fix any panels, parts.
So if somebody has something to fix, just let us know.
Unfortunately I will not have my car ready until Belfast, but I might fly there.
Project 701 restoration
very well done, it's amazing what S/steel can put up with and still come back looking as good as new (if you know what your doing) keep up the good work.
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We are working for 2 days now on this left side of the hood.
So far was brushed 100x, and it's still not 100%.
I don't have yet new photos, but soon it will be ready I will post it.
[Image: P1106436_resize.JPG]
Project 701 restoration
A short video about SS brushing
Project 701 restoration

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