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DeLorean Front Upper Strut Bar
Dear all,

The US DeLorean guys have produced a Strut Bar for the D. Pilot 25 has one fitted already, and from what I heard over the states, it's a product that worth all its pennies.

I have fitted Front Upper Strut Braces on my other car, and it does help in keeping the chassis from flexing during cornering, hence reducing understeer... though the ones I bought for my car were selling at a cheaper price due to mass demand :?

It's on sale for USD 150 each and delivery with UPS would cost about USD 60. I am asking here to see if there's any one interested to do a group buy so to save on postage? I know for sure Mike Bosworth would want one (not sure if you bought one already Mike?)

I might not purchase one myself afterall (for that price I could have bought myself a genuine TRD Front Upper Strut Brace for my Yaris!) .... but mainly to show this to you guys in case it wasn't mentioned before. :wink:

Any comments, please do :wink:

[Image: DSC00744.jpg]
[Image: DSC00879.jpg]
[Image: DSC00880.jpg]
[Image: DSC00881.jpg]
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

[Image: signature.jpg]
Original US Thread:
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

[Image: signature.jpg]
[Image: strut.jpg]

The image above is the same model as fitted to Alistair’s car. I have added some sticky backed foam to it for three reasons:-

1) Protects the aluminium from getting marked
2) Creates a softer barrier to avoid 'objects' smashing into it at speed
3) It makes the upgrade more subtle and therefore looks stock.

The car is definitely more rigid although you won't notice through sedate driving. Big Grin

I would recommend a 17mm ratchet being placed with your jack as you need to remove the strut to get to your spare.

Peter Kutchen refunded $45 of the original $245 to me as the shipping worked out cheaper than planned. This meant it cost me around £111.



Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed

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