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Water Pump
Hello all, i have taken off my old water pump due to a leak in one of the hoses and because it has become noisey. So what im after is the part# of the volvo unit and any problems that i will come up against as there are differences.
Also i have the ump at the moment :evil: cos i think that a washer which was on the turbo inlet may have got into the bore Cry so if theres any SAS out there with one of them really small cameras let me know Cry
yours in sadness TT ps i havent been crying really Smile
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor

place in wolvo does full rebuild with unlimited waranty on the pumps...about £60 ish

advertises in classic mags etc.
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
i have a spare water pump you can have tony but you would need to swap the back over from your old one and get the adaptor that bolts to this flange.

let me know in a pm

thanks my friends, im in the process of getting hold of one and trying to find the lost washer that may have dropped down the inlet manifold Cry

thanks TT
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor

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