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starter motor
Hi there!

I've spoke to a few people today about starter motors. Are they hard to take out? as mine have gone a bit Pete Tonge Cry And guess what? I've done a marty headbutt on the wheel, and the third time it started!

I still need some advice if any knows about it.

Give us a ring, as i have lost most club members phone numbers. If you know me then please send me your mobile or contact details. You will have read the thread about my phone going under a truck, and the mrs not talking to me for a while!!!
Big Grin
Glen taking the starter out is a peace of cake.

Jack the back up, disconnect battery, Disconnect the wires on the back of the starter (Make a note of where they go!!!!), then from underneath the car there are 3 bolts to undo. One on the top, on the side and then the bottom of where the starter mates to the gearbox.

dan boy

ring me tomorrow about your green machine mate if youget the time
glen, it could be just the factory starter motor wiring modification that needs adding. a small wiring mod in the relay compartment.

see a previous delorean owners club mag tech page for how to do this or ask for a back copy. i will dig mine out but i wont be able to scan it in until tomorrow.

for starters ( Big Grin ) make sure your battery is FULLY charged and the standing voltage is over 12.5v.

This one
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
hi all

well after a week of messing about with herman the car started first time all week ?? i take it out for a run still runs fine i pull up on a hill stop turn it back on and nothing happend dp it lookd like the starter got to come off had to run it all after noon to get home :evil: so dan come tell me how do we get it off then
do you get drowned in oil
3 bolts in the bell housing, disconnect the battery, remove the wires from the back of starter motor(remember which way they go) and pull it out, no oil invloved at all...tho you might find it easier to remove the oil filter to get it out.

Have you checked out you have the wiring update as per Nick and Martin's post? Also is your battery / charging system in good condition? It could be your battery is giving up. Do you get any clicks from the starter or lights on the dash dimming when the key is in start position?

Worth checking before your pull out the starter, if you do need a starter check with Dave H, I think he still has some on the shelf, if not he can get your old one rebuilt.
Chris Spratt

Ex owner of Vin#16327 Grey 5 Speed was FLE 371Y
1998 Lotus Esprit GT3
1999 Lotus Elise

all you get is a click noise from the fuse box then nothing happens if you tap the front of the starter hammer with the biggest hammer you can find ( only jokeing ) it turns over

spoke to dave h last week

has the starter motor wiring modification been done?

you did not say.

errrrrr no what did i have to do?. guess what been down today started first time again and i got my hover bord today well coooooool Big Grin
You need to reread Nick and Martins posts above matey

It tells you what to look for in the link and info posted there, this could be your problem, it certainly was on mine. As mentioned you need to see if your battery is 'good' and at the correct charge of @ 12.66 volts, a partially discharged battery along with the mod above could account for it not starting and only clicking on and off noise. It will save you the cost of a new starter if it is .....

Let us know what you find Smile
a 30cm length of 30 amp wire is cheaper then a new starter motor and a lot less hassle to fit !
hi all

after a easy day out down andover today i came back up to the midlands with my head held up high and thought let tackle this starter problem well with a little help from dick we took off the starter motor to find a hot of old wear and tear bits which came up like new after it was nice to take a spanner to my own car for a chagne as i never took one apart before apart fom the electroincs side of things ( bttf kit ) had a good time thanks to dick i know geting more better at terying to repair things lets hope things go wll going for a ride over the weekend so i let you all now things progresssssssss
Big Grin

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