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Two questions regarding Hood Hinges.
Hello all

question 1

How do i install new studs in the hood where the hinges are? mine are 'gone'.
[Image: 4000907421_f2ff5e0e63.jpg]

(as you can see I started to grind away....)

answer? pull the plastic cruciform off the stainless and do it that way (i hope this isn't the answer!)

question 2

How are the hood hinges constructed? Where the two ends pivot is there a single pin that goes from one end of the hinge to the other? or are there three pieces to the pin? one of my replacement hinges has just fallen apart on me....I need to repair it.
[Image: 4001673618_9096193622.jpg]

the vin is 3193

- Dave Smith

VIN: #00944 DOC: #535
VIN: #03193
I had to replace my hood hinges a year or so ago. I got a pair from Ireland in the end.

From memory they have one long pin that runs all the way through them - I think a bit of 5mm diameter rod is close but I never got round to drilling out the broken and siezed old one and replacing it.
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126

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