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Inner bonnet rubber seals nightmare!
Hi everyone,

I've just been spending a few hours putting on a new rubber seal on the inside of my bonnet.
The rubber really does not go around the corners without serious deformation - totally unacceptable, and therefore
1/2 way round I took it all off, it looked awful!

I noticed the original rubber seals were manufactured to go around the corners at the appropriate place.

SO, does anyone know of a supplier that sells these correctly manufactured seals??

(I am open to the fact that there may be a secret way of doing this!?)

Cheers, Mat

DOC 100 Vin#3866 Ashington, West Sussex
Hi Mat,

I don't think the originals were formed, I thin they were just a lot softer and supple 28 years ago, and in that 28 years, they have settled into a shape tha tlooks formed today. The glue was a lot stronger too. I've only replaced one of these and I did it by laying the bonnet flat, using polyurethane adhesive, and a lot of heavy things to hold it in place overnight.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Hi Martin,

Hope all's well in the student world?

How about Loctite 406 or 401? It seems fast and strong - fast being the thing I need with those
funny corners!?


(read my inertia switch problem?)
DOC 100 Vin#3866 Ashington, West Sussex
I use 406 a lot and it'll definitely work - but you'll never get it off again, and you might end up with funny white stains from it everywhere. I use Wurth's Bond & Seal as you know Wink Tiger seal seems to be the name for it 'round these parts.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Take note that the outline on the underside of he bonnet may not actually line up with the underbody!

Mine was way out so I had to work out exaclty where it needed to be stuck on. I taped the thing roughly in place with masking tape. Then put chalk on the lip of the underbody, closed the bonnet, then once open again you should be able to see where its making contact and adjust acordingly before sticking.

Oh and the corners are a bugger even with a brand new seal, mine seem to fit pretty well now theyve been in place a while and had the weight of the bonnet down on them.


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