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Tiger Seal V's Silicone Sealer
Just a quick one....

Is there much of a difference in using "Tiger Seal" compared to simple, OTS, Silicone Sealer from the likes of Wicks?

I'm aware that Tiger is Polyurethane, and Silicone is, well, errr.... silicone. :-) (Natural carbon based v's man made produced chemically)

I'm not even sure of what i'll use this stuff for, other than to re-stick side strips on passenger door which is coming away a wee bit. I DID use black Silicone to stick my Stainless "DMC" lettering on to the door sills earlier in the week. Worked a charm. Also, used it to restick a wee bit of my window seal which was also coming a way a wee bit too. Also worked a charm.
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Tiger seal for bits you dont want to get off in a hurry, silicon for bits you do want to get off, also good for showers and baths but only in white Big Grin TT
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What Tony said, with one exception, your outer door seals are my silicone ones and pu adhesive will not stick to them.
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