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Leaking Driveshaft seals - After fitting speedi sleeves help
Hi Guys,

As some of you know I have a B28E volvo engine in mine now, while it was out I looked over the gearbox.

I thought it was a good idea at the time to fix my not so leaky driveshaft seals. I fitted them with stainless steel speedi sleeves, effectively a new shaft with no score marks on and fitted new double lipped seals.

Now after the car has been driven and sits for around a week a pool of oil, (gearbox) around 5 inches in diameter appears. Looke underneath and there it is the drive shaft seals leaking on the diff adjust nut side, the other side is perfect.

Would tightening the diff nut have any advantage etc? Any one else have this problem, look forward to hearing from you

Richard Milliken
DOC 417
Vin #10163.

Kevin Milliken

[Image: Signa-1.jpg]

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