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How do you remove the rear facia
Sorry for the silly question. But I've just been trying to remove my rear facia but it wont budge. I've undone the M6 nuts along the bottom and the 4 M8 bolts inside the engine bay on the angle brackets. Am I missing something becuase it wont budge.
VIN: 6511
Hi Dan
difficult to explain but there are also captive nuts running up the facia sides. best to reach from where the lights were/are reach in and feel where the edge of the facia meets the rear wing.
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Ive just had a look and the ones I think you mean just hold the painted part to the black plastic part. I want to remove the whole lot off the back.
VIN: 6511
its probably the worse time to remove the facia due to the cold weather but just take your time and dont force anything. there are 2 more each side just under the the black things these do need to come off. You need to disconnect the rear lights and side markers as well as the cover release cable, and when you stick your hand through the hole scratch your arm prefusally due to the fibre glass lol TT
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Thanks Tony.

So to confirm. I need to disconnected all lighting wiring.
Disconnect cable to cover latch
Remove 4 bolts holding the angle brackets to the pontoons
Remove 2 bolts under the 'black things' at the bottom

then the whole facia and support assembly should come right off revealing the impact absorber and back of engine?
VIN: 6511
[Image: 8-5-1.gif]

Hi Dan,
Take off all the M6 nuts along the bottom of the facia (item 5) then the nuts/bolts 2/3 on the bottom of the quarter fixings.

Remove rear lights, bezel and number plate lights, disconnect cabling.

There are 3 x M6 nuts at the side of the facia only accessable with the rear lights out. Remove each side.

Remove screws Item 11 into clip 12 along top edge.

Carefully pry out facia one side at a time, to release it from the quarter panels. You will find a sneaky M6stud moulded into the facia just where the side trim meets the facia (in line with side markers) There should be no nut on them but you'll need to pry out the facia about 20mm to release them from the holes on the quarter panels.

Take care around the top of the facia next to the quarters as its a tight fit here too.

Once off you can get at the foam section, back plate 10 and the wiring loom etc.

If your thinking of painting the facia when its off, use a plasticiser to stop it cracking when you flex it back on.

Good Luck

Kind regards
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Thats great Darren, many thanks for the help, I'll tackle this in the morning.

I was under the impression that item 1 and 10 could come off as one lump by just removing a couple of bolts but thats obviously wrong.

I wasn't planning on painting it as its fine as it is but if I crack the paint getting it off then I suppose I'll have to..... then the front to match probably.... can of worms opening :? Hopefully not though.

VIN: 6511
Ive just successfully removed it. Cheers for the help Big Grin
VIN: 6511

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