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Replacing the auto shifter cable
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Big Grin

Just wondering, if anyone (with an automatic D) has ever replaced the cable that forms part of the auto shift linkage?

Mine has corroded badly and as a result has gradually developed a leak of transmission fluid which is getting worse now the car is getting more frequently used. Sad

Any advice on how to access this area? I hear you may need to remove the oil pan? Or is it easier to get to by removing the centre console? :?

Already got the new cable (part no. 38 on below diagram), ready to install. Smile

[Image: 4-6-0.gif]

[Image: 100558.jpg]

Sound familiar to anyone? :?

Any help is appreciated as always. Smile


Kind regards

Carl & Alex Hammond
VIN#11777 (don't ask!!) Sad
Never replaced one of these myself, but I do know you can't get access under the center console...
Richard H.
DOC Technical Advisor VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
Hi Carl,

You get access from underneath the car through the same small apperature where the fuel accumulator is situated. Its not that difficult a job, but the limited access makes it more time consuming.

Conor Doyle
DOC 519
VIN 10447 & 1866
i have done mine and come out with a bad back but chris n or ed uding will be able to help you with that part as he has it in stock as i got a plane out there picked one up & come home again

then done a event the next day

thank god
I think Carl has the part - it's just the fitting that needs to be done.

As previously mentioned, you can access from the underside, but you really need a lift or a pit to be able to do it safely. I'm not a big fan of axle stands, etc - especially if you have to lay completely under the car to do something like this (and it's pretty dark in that recess too)!

I'd suggest a trip to a local garage for this Carl - it's not specifically a Delorean only repair - and a mechanic with a lift, etc is a better bet than trying to do it yourself on a driveway. Shouldn't be too expensive either.

You're always welcome to use our lift - but the cost of fuel to get here and back would be more than paying a local garage!

Best wishes...

PJ Grady (Europe)
Yep, already got the part from Ed, thanks Glen. Smile

Thanks for the info guys, it sounds to me from what people on here and the guys at the garage are saying is there's not much room to play with on this one!

Does anyone have a pic of this recess area and providing you have the car on a lift or over a pit, how easy is it to work on?

The guys at the garage couldn't find a leak let alone this area when they had the car in a week ago! :?

Would I be better off taking her to a transmission specialist for this job then?

Thanks Smile

Best regards

Carl & Alex Hammond
VIN#11777 (don't ask!!) Sad
Hi Carl,
I replaced this part on your car, before i found out the autobox did not work. It came from america, and was a real bad job to do. It would be easier on a ramp, as there is no room to work , and its not easy to see what you have to do. it took me ages.
Surprised it is gone badly. as it is not really that old. the original was frayed badly, and i replaced it thinking that was why the car would not drive.
I would book this one in to be done,if it were mine, would not like to do one again led on my back with limited room.
Good luck, Best regards, Nick.
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