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"EuroTec" Weekend in Norfolk, UK - 5th June 2009
We are pleased to announce our next EuroTec event !!

[Image: EuroTecLogo.jpg]

Details of the Event:

This event is taking place across the weekend of Fri 5th, Sat 6th, Sun 7th June June 2009 in Norfolk. As with the DOC Lotus 2006 event and the highly successful sell-out EuroTec events in 2007 and 2008, this will be centred around club member and DeLorean car owner, Arran Jamieson's private hotel.

As with the last 2 years, this will be a guaranteed sell-out, and the best rooms will be allocated in booking order. At the moment the entire hotel (40 rooms) has been blocked booked for this event's exclusive use, so please book soon to ensure it stays this way! Strong interest has been shown again from our European friends , and an organised few have booked and confirmed already! As before there is NO charge for the event itself, and no cost to the club. Previous years have been attended by 30-40 DeLoreans.

As before, the basis of the weekend will be around 'Workshop / Tech sessions' throughout the weekend. Workshop ‘Marquees’ will be set up to provide shelter and areas of work.

Specialists will be on hand to provide us with technical and hands on assistance over the course of the event. This will involve engine tuning, wheel alignment, minor bodywork re-graining / repairs, Torsion bar adjustments, etc. etc.! Many more 'activities' are planned, details to follow. We have plans for a mobile rolling road and time trial event.

As before we will be arranging a (different!) scenic drive and other activities over the weekend (mainly on the Saturday and Sunday) - more to be announced later. There will also be some form of entertainment on the Saturday night, after the "Gala dinner" and a raffle in aid of funds for the UK Delorean Owners Club.

DeLorean Drivers Offer:
This year, in an attempt to get 50(!) cars attending, and to reward those who are helping to maintain the hotel's "glamorous" image, one owner of each DeLorean car in attendance will receive up to a £40 food credit (pro-rata according to stay, only apples to those who stay, food credit only, and only covers the meals specified below - Friday night to Sunday morning). A proper BTTF conversion counts as double!
a single occupancy who arrives in a DeLorean won't pay for food at all.
2 people in a twin or double room who arrive in 2 DeLoreans (or 1 BTTF conversion) won't pay for food at all.
2 people in a twin or double room who arrive in 1 DeLorean will both pay the equivalent of half price for food.

Hopefully you should notice that the total price you will pay will in most cases actually be less than last year!

B&B Rates:
(these rates were set in July 2008 and apply to confirmed bookings made now. They will probably increase at some point.)

Double/Twin (based on 2 sharing):
2 nights) £45 per person per night
1 night only) £69 per person
Thursday or Sunday night, and any extra nights up to a week in total) £15 per person

Single Occupancy:
2 nights) £85 per night
1 night only) £109
Thursday or Sunday night, and any extra nights up to a week in total) £15

Food costs and menus (see above for "DeLorean Drivers Free Food Offer"):
Friday 7.30: Steak and Ale Pie (or Scampi), chips and peas, plus self serve dessert - £11 per person
Saturday 8.00-9.30: Breakfast (included in accommodation price)
Saturday 1.00: Lunch Buffet (hot and cold) - £6 per person
Saturday 8.00: 3 courses including wine - £23 per person
(prawn cocktail or soup - with roll, buffet main course (large choice including 2 carved meats, chicken, fish, etc.), self serve dessert)
Sunday 8.00-9.30: Breakfast (included in accommodation price)

The total price to ensure that you are well fed from Friday night until Sunday morning will be £40 per person total. Other than drinks that should be it!

If you have any questions regarding booking etc. you can email Arran directly via the email link on the contact page of the hotel website. Other general event questions can be forwarded to Mike Bosworth or Glen Hale.
Anyone is welcome to come along for the day - please just let us know though if you're bringing a DeLorean so we've got an idea of numbers.

All bookings are via:

The delorean owners club are in talks about holding another event later in the year as well which will be announced soon. Ideally aiming for a late summer event (September time?) in a different part of the UK.
im in Big Grin TT x
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor
I'll be there for sure.
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i had better get into some serious drinking practice then :lol: TT
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor
Definately count me in for this Big Grin I will book the tursday and friday off work again Smile

Thats stuffed it for me then, too early in June, will still be at Isle of Man TT, shame!
[Image: DeloreanSig.jpg]
well im booked in from fri-sun with delorean Big Grin

I guess i have till june to get one nowSmile
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NickT Wrote:Definately count me in for this Big Grin I will book the tursday and friday off work again Smile


looks like its thursday for me as well, 2 days not long enough otherwise Big Grin TT
Tourettes Tutor
I have the X factor
hi all

thanks for the supprot so far this year we are doing a lot more ativites so we are not doing the same things over & over again part from the beer and entertaimant
Woop woop! Tongue

Count the Hammonds (me, Alex and Alan) in for this again please Arran! Big Grin

We'd also be keen on staying Fri & Sat this time and if possible, any chance we have the same room as before please, as it was perfect! Big Grin

Will be in touch soon to arrange payment etc.. Smile

So excited already! Big Grin Big Grin

All the best

Carl & Alex Hammond
VIN#11777 (don't ask!!) Sad

arrans bed was so nice to sleep in sam tring to work out how to rob one next time we go :lol: i can,t remeber i think it was friday night very much and sam did not remeber saturday night really i was happy that sam, went out with girlly down town ( and for got my credit card thank god :roll: ) and liked it that much we are going to have the week down there for our holidays next year
No probs Carl - have done, and will send you the details shortly!
sorry guys, unable to attend that weekend, as we have a prior family engagement -
its my mum's 60th and she's also retiring, so is quite a big thing and we want to
be there for her, especially as she is on her own.

Hopefully, if a DeLorean Owners Club UK event can be organised for later in the
year, then we will be able to come - and who knows, I might even have
Flopsy on the road again by then!! lol
Claire  - DOC-UK Treasurer
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12 rooms booked already - you are an organised lot aren't you??!

If you're wondering where Mike is - he's busy! Shock He'll be back with his comments shortly ......!

spoke to bozzy today hes going to add hes bits later on when he finshed driving aroud the uk like me at the moment at the moment there is going to be a lot more going on this year me & mike will be meeting up this weekend to arange it all and wil amend the posting and keep you all updated as best as we can :wink:

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