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Topping up!
Ok guys, please don't shoot me down on this one but..

I can't for the life of me find where I am supposed to top up the auto transmission fluid. In the owners manual it say's the filler tube is this simply the same tube where the dipstick goes?

Or am I being a complete dipstick! :lol:

Thank you!

Kind regards

Carl & Alex Hammond
VIN#11777 (don't ask!!) Sad
Hi Carl,

You will have to lean over the engine a bit to see it.

It is between the back of the engine and bulkhead to the left hand side.
Look at the white ceramic resistors on the bulkhead then move down in that general area.
The dipstick is quick big and has a big red handle on it.
The hole that this dipstick goes in is also the place where you top up the oil.
You will probably need a funnel for this or improvise with an (empty!) small bottle of coke with the bottom chopped off or something similar.

have a look at:

[Image: 4-5-0.gif]

Hope this helps,


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