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Auto Aerial
Hey folks,

Got my radio up and running - nice to have some sound after a year! However, My aerial wasn't working at first and today I think I may have found out why. Coming out from the underbody freom the aerial spot is a red wire (along with the orange one that goes to the radio) that goes across the rear (or front I suppose) of the engine, though an inline fuse and then has been left unplugged hanging down! That would also explain the random tapping sound i get sometimes when i stop at lights!

I cant seem to work out where it is suppost to be connected, Anybody know?
If your aerial set up is like an OEM one then ....According to the manual that red wire should go to a relay mounted in the ECU compartment behind the drivers seat.

The wire gets pulled through the exisitng hole where the engine cover release cable is routed.

(If you see a clear covered relay in there thats an OEM ariel set up)
cheers! will inspect....
Finally got round to really investigating my aerial set up today. My car originally had a windscreen mounted aerial. So the Auto aerial thats in place must have been done stateside. Ive looked through the records I have of my car but cant seem to find evidence of who carried this out.

However, comparing it to an OEM setup on one of Dave H's RHD's its obvious that mine is different. Their is no relay in my ECU compartment. Only the feed from the radio going through to the engine bay and on to the aerial. I can only guess that there is a relay mounted alongside the aerial inside the rear quarter.

I've ran out of time for today but does anyone else have this sort of set up on their aerial?
If so could you let me know where your relay is mounted and wether or not you have 2 wires going through the ECU compartment (orange and red possibly but they may vary as most things seem too!).

From what I remember when I removed my OEM one it had lots of complicated wiring which I took out. None of it seemed to be required for newer aerials - just power and the feed to the radio.
Rob Williams
DOC 475
VIN 17152
That might explain a few things. Probably has a built in relay. Cheers

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