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do i access the craig via the vents?

now my car is on the road i want my Craig running ok.

looks immaculate, lights work etc, but low sound out 1 speaker.

i suspect the earths, as its a shared system.

is the best way to pull the craig, by taking the vents out (as DMCnews site)?.

i can test everything and get it all running ok, just want to make sure i don't damage anything on the way.
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
More probably the speakers have fallen apart. Best to replace them and run new speaker cables, so they are not sharing wires.
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Yeah it is via the vents. I recently found the hard part of getting it out is unscrewing the bolt that connects the radio to the dash at the back. Took by far the longest thing to get at.

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