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Replacing Front Speakers
The kickers certainly dried up completely for at least 6 months or so about a year back, so we found an alternative which actually turned out to be a better speaker.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Thanks folks - Sounds like I ought to go exploring at some stage I think!

Thanks for the tip on the rear interior panels too, Chris - heat gun it is.

As for the speakers, I'm not massively bothered about top notch ones - I'm not much of an Audiophile - I'm quite happy if it's listenable without distortion, so perhaps some OEM ones or appropriate ssize cheapies may do. Will discuss with Claire when I pick up the OEM front ones!

Thanks all,

Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Replacement speakers in a Delorean. I have put an entire new speaker system in 4045, the fronts do need to be 3.5" speakers, but you dont have to use the original mounting bolts. Turn the speaker and drill into the FG body for new screws, you get an extra half inch on top of the speaker that way.

You really don't want to replace the existing rear speakers, they fire at each other and cancel out each other. Put a set of nice 6" speakers in the backboard, and replace all of the speaker wire.

VIN 4045 and 6704
Welcome Bernie,

Thats exactly what I did in my car, I've got two Sony Xplode 6x9's in a new rear board that I made. Ran new wiring and it sounds great.

Chris & Suzie William Wrote:
NickT Wrote:
Rich Hanlon Wrote:Hey Claire - a bit late I know - but have you still got those Craig front speakers? One of mine has died. How much were you looking for for the pair?

Also, to the Williamses - I think my rears are also about dead - certainly the passenger side one sounds like a series of rattles in a plastic bucket - have you ebayed those yet?

Cheers folks,
rich Hanlon
393/ 06126

Too late bud, I got in there first to get the rear speakers ! Smile


I have packed up the speakers now to post to Nick, However the Clarion ones that were fitted were an absolute perfect fit into the brackets, and were 100w and a good brand of speaker. As I say they are packed up, but Nick may be able to list the part number if there is one on there when he gets them. They may still be availeable somewhere.


Hi have found a couple of pics of the speakers when I removed them and they were;
Clarion, Model No; SRC4120

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