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Short running - Chris Hawes - 26 Sep 2006

If a DeLorean is started from cold, reversed out of the garage and then immediately driven back in and the engine shut off on nearly a daily basis would this do the car any harm?

This is purely for moving the car out of the way to get at other stuff in the garage...

- Tourettes Tony - 26 Sep 2006

Well i wouldnt do it chris, you will get a lot of condensation in the oil, which probably wont hurt , but imo not good
cheers Tony TT

- Birksie - 26 Sep 2006

Yep. Not only that, cold oil doesnt do its job very well. Plus, not moving very far doesnt get the system lubed very much. IMHO.
I wouldnt worry too much, unless you're doing this every day!

- stunned_monkey - 27 Sep 2006

For the first 3 minutes, the car is running rich. Keep shutting it off before it's warm and you'll soak the oil in fuel.