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fuse board - Dan Howarth - 12 Sep 2006

Hi. Just looked for a blown fuse that makes my full beam not work. It is ok. I did notice however that fuse number 2 the engine control 20 amp fuse had melted in the holder but not blown. What does this fuse do and what is engine control as there are 2 engine control fuses. The car refused to start and there was no sound coming from the fuel pump. Sorry to be a pain but my misses has packed my manuels and my disks with the manuals on also as we are trying to move house

- NickT - 12 Sep 2006

fuse no.2 is 10 amps and protects cables for:

LH tail lamp; side lamps; front parking lamp and license plate lamp.

If you mean the 20 amp fuse that is in the centre top, counting top left as 1 and the one to the right as 2 (which is really number 7) then this protects the cables for:

Lambda relay; Lambda ECU; frequency valve, fuel pump and control pressure regulator.

Isolate first by removing one of the terminals from the car battery first.
Snip the cables from under the fuse box and for now using a proper ratchet crimp tool an inline fuse with cable rated for 20 amps. OR you could use a choc block terminal connector.



- NickT - 12 Sep 2006

Fuse that protects the high beam cables is fuse no. 15 and is rated at 20 amps.

3rd column 3rd one down and is NOT isolated from the main or accessory relays.

The fuse in my car melted here so an inline fuse was crimped in.

have fun.


- Dan Howarth - 12 Sep 2006

Many thanx Nick. Its a bit dark now but i'll do it tommorrow. Just watching the Scumball rally on Men and Motors. Very funny Reminds me of Le-man

- Dan Howarth - 28 Sep 2006

Hi Nick. Just done the relative fuse replacement and found that the in line fuse holder for the main beam was faulty so i've replaced it. Now it all works. Cool Cheers mate

- NickT - 29 Sep 2006