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[Wanted] - Rear Wheel? - jwrayth - 19 Mar 2016

Long shot as it's not a part I imagine most folks would stumble across, but I'm trying to source a replacement rear wheel after mine took some damage at the end of last year. I'm aware I can buy a new on from Ed, but I thought I'd try here on the off chance first. 

I'm trying to find a local place to repair the current wheel, but so far the the depth of the rim is too much for what their machinery can handle.

RE: [Wanted] - Rear Wheel? - Chris Williams - 19 Mar 2016

I'm sure Dave Howarth has some, may be worth trying Chris N as well

RE: [Wanted] - Rear Wheel? - Chris P - 19 Mar 2016

I've got one

RE: [Wanted] - Rear Wheel? - jwrayth - 20 Mar 2016

Amazing response, looks like I'm sorted so thanks chaps! Now I just need to see about turning the damaged one into a coffee table Big Grin

RE: [Wanted] - Rear Wheel? - Rich Hanlon - 21 Mar 2016

Coffee table - nice! Disc of glass cut to fit inside the rim. Me like!!