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Re: Door adjustment, alignment - dknight - 19 Mar 2015

Just refit the torsion bar which we suspect was over tightened, fitted back together, adjusted hinges and the door now sits lovely. Absolutely over the moon.

Our home made support station was our finest work.

Picture shows door strikers need slight adjustment to get door to sit better but it sweeps open and shut so easy now

Really happy with how things have gone!

Re: Door adjustment, alignment - Rissy - 19 Mar 2015


Well done!

How difficult did you find messing with the torsion bar then?

It's an area I've never dealt with, but one day I'll need to...

Re: Door adjustment, alignment - dknight - 19 Mar 2015

i really did not find it difficult at all, it was not as highly wound as i expected, about 2 hours prime with a breaker bar and tighten up all was good.

The hardest thing with adjusting and lining up is that there are so many variables, we ignored really how the strikers hit until we had the top 2 hinges right, in hindsight if i had to do again i would (if i ever had the option) never moved the strikers. They work as a good guide with the correct sweep of the door.

The real key to this is small adjustment, we got the front hinge tightened up right first (windscreen one) then adjusted the rear hinge, mm by mm till it sat right, then tweaked the strikers and all just sits so much better.

Taking the torsion bar out of the equation made hanging the door near impossible as the front part of the door near the striker it just sagged too far to gauge anything, put torsion bar on, and it jumps into position.