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Electric aerial - Emagine - 06 Mar 2007

Morning all,

Ok, my electric aerial suddenly stopped working the other day. Where should I start to look to solve this.

I'm guessing I need to start by checking all the power supplies to the aerial itself in the side pod.

Re: Electric aerial - NickT - 06 Mar 2007

One should be powered when the radio is switched on itself.
If there are any earth wires to the black cage it is mounted on, check that the cage itself is earther back to the battery negative post too.


- Daniel Shane - 06 Mar 2007


Is that the aerial Martin Fitted ?

If so it's a modern aerial. It had 3 wires a Red +12 a Black - and a Green(I think) Which is the on signal.

You can check the aerial itself by touching green to +12. It should rise when you do that. More that likly a fuse has blown or a wire may of come out.

Oh by the way if anyone wants a NEW electric aerail in BLACK that matches the original one then CPC sell them. There Part Number is CP00052 and there website is Big Grin