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Blower Fans - Dan Howarth - 25 Feb 2007

Hi all, can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my blower fans? Shock

No function on the switch and the fuse is ok! I have heard that there is a relay, is this a stock item? or a special order?

Is there any test that i can do to make sure that it is the relay that is the problem?

Any other suggestions?

Many Thanks,

- Dan Howarth - 26 Feb 2007

I'm so sorry Jan but i don't understand your answer. :? . Anyone else have any suggestion. :?:

- NickT - 26 Feb 2007

Jan is referring to the mode selection switch in the centre, the one where you can select:

air con max
air con min
bi vent


If the knob is in the vertical position ie OFF then it isolates power to the blower fans regardless of the blower fan switch position ("off,1,2,3,4")

Move the mode switch round to VENT and then try the interior blower fans again (1,2,3 or 4).
Put the car key in the ignition and the key in position 2 to enable the main and accessory relays.

If the blower fans now work then this is normal.

If not then it is time to look in the wiring diagram Big Grin


- steve.s - 26 Feb 2007

assume the fan does not come on at all?.

check fuse with a meter not just visual

could be the motor (but would have thought you'd get some noise.)

could be the resistors (small circuit board) in the blower unit. i gather easy to change look up under passenger (lhd) compartment
note i have not chnaged mine though. mine works !!! but noisy.

- Dan Howarth - 27 Feb 2007

Ahhh sorry for not understanding Jan. I do now. The blower doesn't work when the function switch is in any position. All the signs indicate a blown fuse but its not blown ie the doors lock light is off as well. My fuse board is only just about staying together so its probably something to do with that. i'll let you know. cheers all

- Dan Howarth - 06 Mar 2007

Ok just been fiddleing peole. I have a dodgy fuse board. One thing confuses me though. My fuse problem should be fuse number 10. But the one that was causeing the problem was fuse number 11. The 30 amp one. Any ideas?