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RE: Angle Drives - Chris Hawes - 26 Oct 2017

Is installation for a DMCH style angle drive simply undo the 32mm nut, apply grease and install?

I know my cable and plastic cap are okay.  My speedograph version has managed around 30k so will send it off to have it fixed and then keep that as a ready to go spare for whenever the DMCH unit fails.

Thanks in advance


RE: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 27 Oct 2017

Hi Chris, I've no experience of fitting the DMCH one, I've still got a Speedograph one on my car, although
its done less miles then yours.
Not sure if Speedograph will overhaul yours now, as the chap who built them for us retired and they said they
had no-one there who could make them anymore for us.

RE: Angle Drives - Rissy - 27 Oct 2017

Speedograph won't touch your angle drive now. I went through all this in 2015. Bad relations and people retiring to blame.

Best option is to either refurb your own angle drive or replace with a new DMCH one. As for removing and replacing the nut (nuts are different between the two drives, not interchangeable); I had my stub axle off the car at the time of the change over. The original Alumium nut was on SO TIGHT, that there's NO WAY it would have come off whilst the whole assembly was still on the car! Just something to be mindful of. The torque required for the nut to go back on at, is pretty high too (can't remember off the top of my head, but i'm sure it was over 200Nm!) so you really need to be gripping the whole assembly good and proper to get that sort of energy put on to tightening up the nut to spec.

Be warned, the replacement DMCH unit actually fell apart as I was trying to fit it on to my car. The drive axle was also too long on it. I had to piece it all back together, lube it properly, and modify it as I was fitting it. I obviously did a good job though, as it's been fine since and i've driven thousands on miles on it ok.

RE: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 28 Oct 2017

it fell apart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's shocking Chris, glad you got it sorted and working ok in the end.