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Re: Angle Drives - Chris Williams - 07 Mar 2014

I have ordered one from SpecialT auto's to try. I will give this a go and report back, with the nut mounted it's $72.95 so probably about £65/70 when it arrives. I will post up some pics Etc when I get it.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 10 Mar 2014

ok Chris, will wait to see your report on this - I've had no joy getting any technical info
or drawings out of Speedograph.

John Hervey's stuff is normally pretty good (can only base on stuff I've had off him in
past), so hopefully it will be the same with his angle drives.

So, if SpecialT's angle drives are any good, shall I put an order in with him for a batch (and
probably suffer horrendous import duty charges, etc, or do people want to order directly
from him, as he may have other stuff you need whilst ordering an angle drive?

Re: Angle Drives - Chris Williams - 10 Mar 2014

Will do (as soon as it arrives) probably cheaper to buy individually, a small packet coming in to the UK to an individual has 'probably' less chance of being caught for import duty than a batch of them! I will let you know when mine arrives, though it's with a fuel gauge so will probably get caught :roll:

Re: Angle Drives - Rich Hanlon - 19 Mar 2014

Funnily enough I think I now need one too - my speedo packed up this morning - haven't investigated yet but 99% it's the angle drive eh?

So that's 'plus one' towards an order...

Re: Angle Drives - Chris Williams - 24 Mar 2014

As promised a couple of pictures of SpecialT's Angle drive. Probably worked out about £60.00 when you add postage and the dreaded import duty. Though as it came with a fuel gauge that's probably why it got caught, I suspect if it was sent on it's own it may have got through. Anyway seems well made and gets good reports over on DMCTalk has a separate flexidrive bit that he sells on it's own should this be the part that breaks. No way to lubricate the internals though should you have wanted to.

Re: Angle Drives - Rich Hanlon - 24 Mar 2014

Yep, I think I'm going to go ahead and get one. Ta, Rich

Re: Angle Drives - Chris Williams - 25 Mar 2014

Quote:Yep, I think I'm going to go ahead and get one. Ta, Rich
With any luck will slip in under the HMRC radar then! lol

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 02 Apr 2014

£60 is a good price, considering Speedograph were over £100 when you factored in the VAT, then there was postage on top of that
to whoever bought one.

Re: Angle Drives - Rissy - 28 Jun 2015

I've been dismantling my suspension this weekend, ready to start refurbishing both sides, add polybushes, Ed's reinforcement braces and do some welding.

Anyway. Yesterday, whilst dismantling the left hand side, I looked closer at the angle drive and its hub nut. This is probably not a good picture (was taken with my phone at a distance and then I digitally zoomed in and screeshot'd the zoom in on my phone to post here)

My nut seems to be made from Aluminium, and seems to have developed a couple of small fishers. This has got me a little worried as this is a load bearing nut holding the wheel etc on!

What's people's opinions?

I can take a better picture once it stops raining if this picture is too rubbish.

Just in case, how much are new club angle drives, and are there any available?

Re: Angle Drives - Rissy - 28 Jun 2015

A couple of better pictures...

Re: Angle Drives - Rissy - 28 Jun 2015

I've just callipered both my hub nuts. The RHS is 32mm, but the speedo version is only 30mm. That's got to be a weak point just there, despite the material in use for this purpose. What an amazing piece of engineering!

What are the new ones made from? Something stronger I hope.

What sort of torque are we looking at for getting these back on? (Still puzzling how I'm gonna get this one off if that's the consensus...?!)

Re: Angle Drives - Chris P - 28 Jun 2015

I'm sure you appreciate Chris that they hold the stub axel in as well!! Very dangerous!!

Dave H has about 200 brand new one's he bought from a chap in Northern Ireland…definitely ex dunmurry, heavy, so not alloy. He will do then at a couple of quid each plus postage.

Hope that helps.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 03 Jul 2015

is that for a complete angle drive or just the nut Chrispy? (I'm assuming just the nut)

Re: Angle Drives - Rissy - 03 Jul 2015

It's the nut which Dave has plenty of apparently.

I just received mine through the post yesterday...

Re: Angle Drives - Chris P - 03 Jul 2015

The other Chris has answered the Question Claire!

If that was for the whole angle drive…..I would be sat with a shed full and Dave H would have lost the plot! :wink: