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Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 01 Oct 2013

I've emailed today asking for an update.

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 08 Oct 2013

Who is the contact at Speedograph for the angle drives Claire? I am working to get a one piece cable made up, so if they need multiple prod's for the angle drives I'm happy to give them a nudge.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 14 Oct 2013

I deal with the manager, he said to me that the guy who makes them is still off ill, and he's waiting
to hear back from a specialist about when he will be well enough to return to work.

He said he'd tried to make one himself, but hadnt been sucessful, and he said he'd be back to me
as soon as he'd spoken to the guy who normally makes them.

I would say watch this space....... :roll:

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 15 Oct 2013

I still find it ridiculous that they only have one person there has the knowledge to put them together. Shock

Re: Angle Drives - stunned_monkey - 15 Oct 2013

There isn’t anything particularly special about these gearboxes except the gears themselves which almost certainly come from a supplier such as HPC (although if they do, I’d suggest going elsewhere!). With the cables sourced from a transmission cable supplier (pence each I would imagine), the other parts should be knock-uppable by any half decent engineering firm. Of course to speedograph these bits are all off-the-shelf so the price may well end up higher. Possibly worth investigating?

Re: Angle Drives - Chris P - 15 Oct 2013

In fairness to them, they are only a small firm now and I suspect they are feeling the pinch a bit. Probably difficult to justify another member of staff?

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 16 Oct 2013

You're right Chris P, they are only a small 'old school' engineering firm, but they are
always busy when I speak to them or go over there.

I'll contact Tim again next week to see if he's had a chance to speak to his man and
find out what the latest is.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 07 Feb 2014


Had the following email from Tim at Speedograph today after yet another email to them
asking what was happening as I need to order 10 Angle Drives:

Attn Claire.

After various discussions about this box and its fitment we have decided to discontinue making this item.
I am sorry about this.


So, does anyone on here know an engineering firm who'd be willing to copy the design and make these for us?

Re: Angle Drives - Chris Williams - 07 Feb 2014

What a load of *rap, they keep us waiting 6+ months and then say that. Myself and the other people waiting could have got and fitted one from elsewhere in this time :roll: :roll: We don't even have a sample we can use do we, for another company?. Thanks for trying Claire you did the best you can.

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 07 Feb 2014

Not sure if it helps, but I still have the original one from my car. It doesn't work mind, but it's available if it's of any use to use as a pattern.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 07 Feb 2014

I'll try and speak to Rich H over the weekend if he's about, a friend of his has an engineering
business, theres a slim chance he may be able to help.

I want to order 10 of these, you'd think they'd be happy to take an order for over a grand in
this day and age.

Oh well :roll:

Re: Angle Drives - andyd - 07 Feb 2014

Similarly, also not sure if it helps, I have one available.

Removed from my car, as it wont be on the road any time soon, and we could use this as a pattern.

Bad news: its in Glasgow, currently 450 miles away.

Good news: I'm going up at the end of the month, and am happy to post it on.

Would need a reference to confirm that mine is actially a factory item, and not a DMCH repro part. But it does work, so may well be factory....!

Is there an easy way to differentiate between facotry and repro?


Re: Angle Drives - stunned_monkey - 08 Feb 2014

As the one who had these drives made by speedograph originally, the reason I stopped selling them was their unpredictable customer service.

As to getting them made elsewhere, the easiest approach would be to get one copied. The gears need to either be off-the-shelf or prototyped and this gets expensive. I can help with this sort of stuff as it's part of my day job. However I would suggest that there really isn't much point: The drives available from the US aren't expensive and are apparently now more reliable.

Re: Angle Drives - JamesRGUK - 09 Feb 2014

I may have someone who can help but he would need one to examine/copy.

Does anyone have one, faulty of otherwise which I could show him? I would obviously return it.

It may not be his thing but I could certainly waft it past his nose.


Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 10 Feb 2014

appreciate that James, Phill is taking one we have here (old one off my car) to a firm in
Derby hopefully one day this week.

Failing that, if getting them made here works out more expensive then buying from DMCH,
then I might speak to James Espey about a bulk order if their ones are allegedly reliable now.